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The Oregon State Fair Council was established as a Public Corporation on June 26, 2013 by
nearly unanimous passage of Senate Bill 7 (Courtney) during the 2013 Oregon Legislative Regular Session. 

Following over a year of transition and preparation following passage of SB7, the Council officially
assumed care, custody and control of Oregon State Fair and Exposition Center from
Oregon Parks and Recreation Department on January 1, 2015.

Our Mission
The mission of the Oregon State Fair & Exposition Center is to provide a reason and a place for all people to
gather, connect, learn, embrace excellence in all forms and celebrate the achievements of Oregonians.

Our Vision
We envision a relevant Oregon State Fair & Exposition Center that embodies good stewardship of the
public’s trust and serves as a self-sustaining asset for Oregonians to treasure long into the future.

Adopted by the Oregon State Fair Council on 12/4/14

Photo by Trey Kenyon   
Oregon State Fair Council

Jon Chandler - Chair
Chief Executive Officer, Oregon Homebuilders Association

Kevin Cameron - Vice Chair
Marion County Commissioner

Vicki Berger
Former Representative, Oregon State Legislature

Loyal Burns
Board of Directors, Veterinary Services Inc. & Sheep Breeder

Gene Derfler
Former Senate President, Oregon State Senate

George Jennings
Counsel to the President, Mountain West Investment Co.

Austin McGuigan
Community Development Director,
Polk County, Dallas, Oregon

Representative Mike Nearman
Oregon State Representative
Advisory Council Member

Leah Perkins-Hagele
Fairgrounds Manager, Washington County Fair Complex

Steve Powers
Salem City Manager
Advisory Council Member

Senator Arnie Roblan
Oregon State Senator
Advisory Council Member

Craig Smith
Former Vice President and Chief Financial Officer,
Chemeketa Community College

Kerry Tymchuk
Executive Director, Oregon Historical Society

Michael Paluszak
Director and Chief Executive Officer

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